5-Here are the 4 components of the Non Violent Communication way.

Good Morning !

Screenshot 2014-11-29 15.41.58Reflection on Dr Marshall B. Rosenberg’s  book on Nonviolent Communication :

«Here  are the  4 components of the Non Violent Communication way «

This is the Non Violent Communication Process

-The specific actions we OBSERVE that affect our well-being

-How WE FEEL in relation to what we observe

– The Needs , values, desires… that create our feelings

-The specific actions we REQUEST  in order to  enrich our lives 



So … Do you suggest we  act in this way ?

If you want to  have  real and deep communication , yes .

So… observe , observe our feelings , recognize why we have these feelings  and   finally identify what we would like  the other to do instead  of that which he/she is doing   …

Enjoy your life !


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